Antique Cushion Cut

With the antique cushion , its beauty is in its history, its romance, the soft curves and the high table. Like no other cut, the antique cushion, with it’s feminine form, draws the viewer into it’s deep pool of liquid pure light, and with it’s fiery color dispersion, the antique cushion cut diamond is mesmerizing in it’s elegance. Each one is one of a kind – it’s proportion and curves are dictated by the rough diamond material. It is a masterful craft of the old world master diamond cutter. These diamonds are cut based on the facet arrangement of the Archduke Joseph Diamond – a D-Flawless Golconda diamond that recently sold at Christie’s for over $21 million. The antique cushion cut holds an elegant and graceful lexus of a round brilliant cut diamond and an emerald cut. Fewer faets than a round brilliant and more than an emerald cut – it has the balance of clean lines and fire.

We are the exclusive distributor in Austin for the Jack Reiss Antique Cushion Cut Diamond. A perfect diamond of romance and poetry. All hold reports from GIA or AGS only, and each one is hand selected by Zoltan David.

Fire Cushion Cut