Knightsteel – the “holy grail” of black metal jewelry: Recently black metal jewelry has become fashionable, understandably so because of it’s beauty and allure. There are no naturally occurring black metals, so today’s black metals are for the most part (about 95%) created through methods of oxidization, plating or paint. ALL of these treatments are substandard; the black color will erode, scratch and wear away easily. The shelf life of black metal jewelry, especially in rings is very short. The exception… Knightsteel. Zoltan David spent 2 years in research and development of a high luster, midnight black metal with permanent qualities of scratch, wear and erosion resistance . A non-reactive metal that will hold it’s black beauty indefinitely, the result “Knightsteel”.

The Knight Dreams collection was launched in 2009 creating a trend in black metal high jewelry. The serious issue with today’s black metal trend is the industry was not able to duplicate Knightsteel and in it’s efforts to do so oxides and platings were introduced. A popular example of this is “black gold”. This is 18kt gold plated with black ruthenium, sure to wear away quickly on rings and far too soon on bracelets, earrings and pendants. Another popular item is blackened silver, a sulfur based oxide that turns silver to a very dark gray color. It also wears off very quickly, leaving the owner with something dramatically different than what they thought they had purchased.

It is Alchemy, the science and art of transformation that has allowed Zoltan David to marry ferrous and non-ferrous metals; black steel with platinum and gold to create works in high jewelry that have never been seen before. But more important than his groundbreaking research and development in metallurgy, is the long-lasting beauty of Knightsteel.


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