The Flagship Gallery

Hill Country Jewelry

July 10, 2008– Zoltan David’s new flagship gallery opened in May with a standing room only grand opening party that featured live music by Texas great Joe Ely and accordion superstar Joel Guzman. The theme of the event ‘From Budapest, Hungary to Austin, Texas A Master’s Journey’ was invitation only and showcased a retrospective of Zoltan David’s work beginning in 1973. Trend-setting and truly spectacular pieces from the last three and a half decades were collected from clients that are spread across the country. This evolution of his work also included seven of his sixteen awarding winning pieces. Zoltan also premiered his new Silver Collection. The new gallery is stunning – Fortuny chandeliers, gathered silk wallpaper, exotic wood barrel ceiling, and a 10′ tall custom front door designed by Zoltan himself. “None of our clients knew that Joe Ely and Joel Guzman would be appearing, we wanted them to be the treat for coming to the party. We just had no idea that so many people would show up – luckily our caterer was prepared and we had plenty of food and drink for everyone. This party’s going to be hard to beat, but just wait and see what we’re planning for the next one!” In August 2009 The Flagship Gallery was voted America’s Coolest Store in the Coolest of ‘Em All Small Store Category. Read more about this fabulous achievement here.


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