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The Hungarian Knighthood’s tradition spans 1000 years. Beginning with the reign of St. Stephen, Hungarian Kings have rewarded acts of valor with grants of nobility. The title of Knight is the highest form of secular honor and is accompanied by a code of chivalrous conduct. It is in this backdrop that on August 27, 1988, Zoltan David was bestowed Knighthood in honor of Sir Zoltan David I, his loving father and a highly esteemed hero of the Hungarian Nation. The David family’s history dates back to the reign of St. Stephen and it is this cumulative past that is a dominant influence in Mr. David’s character.

An Artist’s Viewpoint

“I want to make this moment worthy of your attention; something unique, something honest…..a very brief story and insight as an artist.

Often in articles written about jewelry….et al, there is a similarity and predictability. Though the items and artists are different, not much is said that hasn’t been said before or will be said again.

At the age of 12, I was captivated by jewelry. At age 17 I knew I would walk the path of the artist, and at the age of 20 I knew the path would be jewelry.

Many, many things have happened since that time 40 years ago, when I decided to be the best I could be in jewelry art. The evolution has been and continues to be vigorous and constant not only in technique, skills, style, material science, and technologies, but also in my understanding of what I am essentially doing, which is, fearlessly adding beauty to the world.

Jewelry is an amazing art form. It is very, very personal. It is born in the depths of my imagination and it becomes a sort of amulet for its owner. It speaks of the owner’s style, their status, their love and commitment, their remembering something very personally meaningful. Jewelry is communicative and commemorative.

There has been a lot of passion, love, and intense focused attention invested in what I and my team of artisans create. I tell my craftsmen that they are actually working with light. They manipulate and fashion forms and textures, colors, and materials to send light in a determined way to the observer’s eye, and this mechanism creates internal inspiration to the observer. That is what beauty is, an object that inspires and empowers.

There is energy all around us, within us, and beyond us. Countless times, as an artist, I have felt the guidance and blessing of something greater than myself and I would venture to guess, so have you. This flow of life is something many of us share.

Along with numerous collections, I have been designing and making bespoke one of a kind commissions for years and this has revealed something to me: jewelry can be a catalyst for this energy of life to be amplified, magnified, and utilized. The art I do is meaningful, not only to me, but those who enjoy it, or own it. That my clients and I share this powerful and joyful beauty is a blessing indeed.”

~ Sir Zoltan David

Zoltan and Patti


1971-1979 Received training as fabricating goldsmith and diamond setter from Swiss and German Master Goldsmiths.

1980 Established Zoltan David Fine Jewelry Design


In July, 2007, Zoltan was selected as one of the Top 100 Designers of the Past 30 Years in a poll conducted by National Jeweler Magazine to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the New Designer Gallery at the JA International Jewelry Show in New York City.


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